Discover the

La Piedra del Indio

Horseback Trekking and Waterfall Trails

Adventure in Paradise in the highlands of Costa Rica

Treat yourself to one of our tours!

Horse riding in the hills

Explore the beauty of our private estate on one of our tame and well bred horses. Led by an experienced guide to take on a journey you will not forget!

Walking trails

Explore our private walking trails while immersing yourself amongst the beautiful sounds & sights of our natural wildlife.

Waterfall paradise

Ignite all your senses as you listen, feel and experience 4 beautiful and powerful cascading waterfalls. Allow the adrenaline to race as you step behind the force of the water or enjoy a dip in the rock pools.


Get lost in the moment!

Venturing into the Costa Rica wilderness will allow you to declutter the mind and focus on what is important in life. Our adventures are all about the personal journey you make. Your sights might be set on reaching a particular vantage point or walking behind the largest waterfall but once the adventure begins, your goals may change as your mind wanders.  Let yourself get lost in the moment!

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Mesmerised by our wildlife!

Whatever tour you choose to take, you will sharing your space with our most amazing and beautiful wildlife. Whether you are listening to our native birds, catching a glimpse of our cheeky monkeys, or being blown away by our beautiful butterflies, the feast of our wildlife is likely to fire up all your senses.

Connect to our ancestors!

Our ancestors have left us their stories carved into the stone, you will get the opportunity to see them and transport yourself back in time. These are our enigmatic petroglyphs, created by our indigenous people, who have shared part of their journey with us to enjoy. It is a wonderful opportunity to connect with our past but enjoy it in the present.

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